The CanCure Consortium

The research group of ULF LANDEGREN, the coordinator of this project, is internationally recognized for the development of advanced molecular technologies. Together with his colleagues Mats Nilsson and OLA SÖDERBERG he has developed fundamental techniques for nucleic acid and protein analyses, many of which have been successfully commercialized through licensing to major biotechnology companies (Affymetrix, ABI) and by the creation of spin-out companies (ParAllele Biosciences, Olink Bioscience, Olink Genomics). They will provide tools for high-performance molecular analyses in research and diagnostics. Landegren is experienced both in coordinating and participating in large national and international collaborative projects.

TOBIAS SJÖBLOM is highly experienced in cancer biology and in global cancer genomic analyses. During his postdoc with Bert Vogelstein at Johns Hopkins University he managed the world’s first genome-wide mutational analysis of human tumors. His current research interests are continued mutational analyses of novel cancer genes in large sample cohorts, novel approaches for unbiased detection of rearrangements and fusion genes in cancer genomes, and novel approaches for generation of specific cell model systems for phenotyping cancer mutations. He holds individual grants from the Swedish Cancer Foundation, the Swedish Science Council, and SSF to execute these projects. He coordinates the exome re-sequencing work package of COLOGENE, one of two remaining bids for EU participation in the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC), which aims to analyze 100 colorectal cancer exomes to discover novel cancer genes. He collaborates with Bert Vogelstein, Kenneth Kinzler, and Victor Velculescu at Johns Hopkins on large-scale mutational analyses of solid tumors. Within the current proposal, he will be responsible for pathway mutational analyses and the generation of isogenic cell lines.

PETER NYGREN, is an oncologist with extensive experience from drug sensitivity testing in vitro using cell lines as well as primary cultures explanted from human tumors. Together with his colleague ROLF LARSSON he has expertise in cancer pharmacology and in in vitro drug sensitivity testing in cell lines and in the use of patient cells for drug mechanistic profiling, drug development, and clinical trials. At the Uppsala University Hospital they jointly head the only academic site in the world conducting cytotoxic drug screening in primary cultures from patient tumors as an integral part of oncology patient management. MATS GUSTAFSSON is an expert in medical bioinformatics and computer modeling. He will provide expertise in multivariate analysis of multiplex readouts to determine pathway activities and the nature of drug responses.

FREDRIK PONTÉN is a clinical pathologist and also an internationally leading proteomic scientist, coordinating the Uppsala part of the Human Proteome Atlas program. He will provide reagents, customized tissue/cell arrays and information about protein expression patterns, investigating large sets of patient samples, as a prerequisite for other aspects of the present project.